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If you are not a Jesus freak, what kind of freak are you?
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Photo Gallery 3

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Football_player.jpg (64084 bytes) The sick line up to receive ministry by the prophet TB Joshua. Besides physical sicknesses, people also wants deliverance from failures, curses, etc. The work of the devil leads to all kinds of destructions, but Jesus has come to set us free..

This photo is a typical example of the placards the person needs to fill in. Sportsmen usually have photo's attached as in this photo.

Football_player2.jpg (65415 bytes) Here the man of God ministers to a football player. He loves to minister to sportsman and woman.
mouth.jpg (43397 bytes) The man of God stretch forth his hand to heal this girl's mouth. He seldom touches the people during ministry.
Profeet_preek.jpg (64100 bytes) Here the man of God is first preaching to the HIV+/AIDS victims before he ministered to them individually. Once this is done, he would say very pertinently "You are free" - and then they are healed!
hivpos.jpg (57068 bytes) People with AIDS/HIV positive lining up for healing. Praise God, there is a solution for AIDS!
Healed_of_AIDS2.jpg (52743 bytes) A young woman testifying of her healing from HIV+. Her latest test clearly indicates: NEGATIVE (right). She is now holding both certificates as a testimony of God's grace.
Healed_of_AIDS.jpg (52710 bytes) More people testify: They were healed from AIDS with both the "before" and "after" certificates to prove.
Healing of a paralyzed woman
Lame_walking.jpg (55488 bytes) This  woman that could not walk. She was drove in on the back seat of a car. 
Lame_walking2.jpg (56484 bytes) Now she is walking and praising God. She will be able to walk out of the church on her own. Praise God!
Paralyzed man
paralysis1.jpg (60789 bytes) Before the miracle:
This man is sitting in a wheelchair unable to walk for 4 years. His friends and family are crying out: "Please man of God, help him. Please man of God". This really touched me deeply.
paralysis2.jpg (47385 bytes) The man of God stretches forth his right hand as he ministers to the man. 

" You reach out Your hand to heal and to work signs and wonders through the name of Your holy Servant Jesus." (Acts 4:30)

paralysis3.jpg (36819 bytes) The miracle:
The man of God touches his legs... Just notice how thin his legs are. Something is happening...
paralysis4.jpg (43308 bytes) After the miracle:
The man stood up and started to walk slowly. There was great rejoicing! They picked up his wheelchair as a testimony of God's power to heal.

The man of God said: "Please, give the man a change. Just look how thin his legs are. Give him something to eat that he can be strong."