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Some thoughts of prophet T.B. Joshua

From the book:
    Pastor W.F. Kumuyi and Prophet T.B. Joshua: Are both messengers of God?
    By Isaac B.Agbaje and Abieye Kalu

Why he doesnít criticize other men of God?

  • "Despite the fact that many fellow ministers of God daily blaspheme against me, I refrain from retaliating, because I know the grave consequences of criticizing an anointed man of God.

For instance, if you are a minister of God, but deliberately go out of your way to blaspheme against another man of God, whom you knew is a true man of God, you have lost on or two of your spiritual powers to the colleague you blasphemed against unjustifiably."


Those who claimed they gave him power

  • "One thing that I know for sure about human beings is that if they gave you power or used their position to promote you to an exalted position and you start behaving arrogantly, they will immediately take back the power(s) they gave you or demote you before you know it. I hereby challenge those who claimed they gave me powers to heal and deliver people to withdraw their powers henceforth and render me powerless. Let them nullify my powers if they are the true source."
  • "How my detractors should come to think and believe that a man of 36 years can be doing what God has been using me to do with evil powers among millions of Nigerians without another person being able to do the same things beats my imagination.
    Ordinarily, people should have realized that it is God who is using me to do all these unprecedented miracle, signs and wonders in the lives of His people."


T.B.J. challenges the Government

  • "If the government wants to know who are the true men of God in Nigeria today, they should invite all the notable Pastors, Evangelists and General Overseers to the Tafawa Balewa Square and give each man of God just ten minutes to minister to and pray for the people. Then with the miracles, signs and wonders that confirm the ministration of each man of God, the government will know who are the genuine men of God, and those who are serving mammon."


Men if God who go about condemning him

  • "Those ministers of God who go about condemning me rather than preaching the Gospel they are sent to preach, are doing themselves a great harm. The more they condemn me, the lesser their anointing become. Go round the country today and see what is happening. Those men of God who used to perform great sings and wonder have lost their anointing because of their blasphemies."


To those critics who say he is using evil powers

  • "It is not possible for a single person to be working outstanding miracles, signs and wonders which millions of other Nigerians cannot do and for such a person to be an agent of satan. They Ė the Godís generals Ė should combine forces and deliver such a satanic person or get rid of him."


Whose interest does he serve?

  • "The fact that I donít collect money from the people God uses me to set free proves that I am working for the kingdom of God.
    If I am working for satan and donít collect money from the people he enables me to heal, what then is my gain?"


The rumor that he claimed to be Jesus Christ

  • "I never claimed to be Jesus Christ. I can never claim to be Jesus. There is no amount of power I will have that I will claim to be Jesus Christ. I am an ordinary servant. Even if I have power to create human beings, I can never claim to be Jesus Christ.
    Who am I? I sleep, I wake, I eat. This is a rumor!"


The allegation by his critics that he doesnít feed his congregation with the Word of God, but just give them healing.

  • "What is my mission then if I donít feed them with the Word of God? The Word is God, God is the Word. Miracles are just a means of gathering people for the Lord, so that they could be easily touched by the Holy Spirit and saved by Jesus Christ. My main mission is to save souls for Christ.

If I gather people without feeding them with the Word of God, then how do I achieve my mission? Miracles are just a means to an end, and not an end in itself.

Therefore, everyone who received a miracle received it for the salvation of his or her soul."


Whether he has ever traveled out of Nigeria before his call or not

  • "I have never traveled outside Nigeria before I was called to Godís work. By the grace of God, Iím doing what Iím doing because Iím a promised child. Anybody called a promised child will do what people in his time cannot do. After him many people may pick up from where he left off."


Why members of The Synagogue greet one another: "Emmanuel"?

  • "My God is a universal God, so He knew the mission He has entrusted me with. In order to be able to identify my people, because He knew that they would spread all over the world, that is why He gave us that name, so anywhere people greet themselves by saying Emmanuel, they will be able to know that they are members of The Synagogue Church of All Nations.
    ĎEmmanuelí, simply means ĎGod is with usí (Matt 1:23, Isaiah 41:10, Romans 8:31). We also shout ĎEmmanuelí to glorify God for His blessings and victories on our behalf."


Why he is a vegetarian

  • "I was not born a vegetarian. In fact, when God sent be on this mission, I realized that my work is tedious. I will refer to John 5:37: "And the Father who sent me hath borne witness to me, His Voice you have never heard, His form you have never seen."
    In a week I deliver contrary spirit carriers (Ogbanjes), witches and wizards (about 1000 of them). They are not ordinary human beings. Some are half human and half fish. So if you eat fish you can not deliver them."


The source of his power

  • "Jesus Christ is the source of my power. Without His support I will fall. He is my strength. He is my power. He is my sustainer. He is my all. Without Him, I am nothing. I cannot perform any miracle, sign or wonder without the support of Jesus Christ through the Holy Spirit."


The Mission of the Synagogue Church of All Nations

  • "The Synagogue I know in Nigeria, which God established and founded and instructed me to oversee, can be adjudged clearly through the works of healing, deliverances and blessings as "The Synagogue of God" going by testimonies of people from other churches, places and societies, home and abroad, who are living beneficiaries of the grace of God which abides and abounds for ever."


Why his power couldnít have come from satan

  • "If my power is from satan, it will be impossible for me to be continually and consistently working against satan, because satan is the source of AIDS, cancer and other deadly diseases which God has been using me to deliver people from.
    If satan is the source of my power, I cannot be working against him, because that will contradict what Jesus Christ said in the Bible that you cannot drive out demons by evil spirit."


Men of God how are money conscious

  • "A man of God who places emphasis on money or collects money from the people he heals or delivers will soon fall from grace to grass. Another thing is that when a prophet of God forms the habit of extorting money from those whom God healed through him or her, he or she becomes a partaker of their sicknesses, problems and tribulations."


The secret of his success

  • "My critics and persecutors have made me to move closer to God, and to rely on Him absolutely. I know I have so many enemies and persecutors; hence I make God my shelter and Jesus Christ my only friend. As for worldly friends, I have none, because I know that sooner than later, they will disappoint me. I always strive to do the will of God, obey Him and follow His directions to the letter. This is why my divine power increases daily.
    I thank God for my enemies and persecutors, without them, I would not have come this far."


Miracles and Faith

  • "Many people clap their hands and applaud energetically when they witness a miracle. But it takes faith and divine intervention to say to the cripple: Rise up and walk in Jesus name."


Godís power and satanís power

  • "The power of God is used to glorify God and the power of satan to glorify satan."


Righteousness and Godís blessing

  • "You need to live a righteous life to enable you to claim your God-ordained blessing. Righteousness brings awareness of Godís blessing while unrighteousness blocks your channel of blessing."


The need to seek God first

  • "First seek to know God, do His will and obey His commands. God is the source of all your worldly desires be it wealth, peace happiness, good health and security. All you will ever need to live a successful life have been provided by God. The key to claim them is to seek first the kingdom of God."


Temptation and Destruction

  • "If you are not above temptation e.g, temptation of money, temptation of women, you are not above human destruction."


Uniqueness and Persecution

  • "If you can do what thousands or millions of people around you cannot do, you need to watch your steps. People will persecute you. They will call you names.
    But if what you are doing, thousands around you can as well do it, then you will have no problem. You will have many friends. Nobody will be after you."


False Prophets and Ministers of God

  • "The Bible says that satan will come as an angel of light and his agents as ministers of righteousness. (11 Cor. I 1: 14)
    Be careful you are not deceived by the eloquent preachers and evangelists who can quote every verses of the Bible from Genesis to Revelation. They may be agents of satan in disguise (11 Cor. I I: 14)."


The cause of problems

  • "The cause of problem is sin. When you don't go into sin you don't have problems. The more you go into sin the more problems you have. So sin is the food of satan, if you don't give satan food he will not be feasting on you.'@


Identifying False Miracle Workers and Genuine Ministers of God

  • "I think we should leave that one to God who will separate the sheep from the goats at the appointed time. Though before God does the separation, there will be a lot of confusion but, He will do it at His own good time."


Living a fulfilled life

  • "Spiritually speaking, every lack is hunger. Sickness, poverty and even death is hunger. And the permanent fulfillment of this hunger is an unconditional acceptance of Jesus Christ into your life. When Jesus lives in you, hunger, poverty and sickness will become thing of the past."


The benefits of living according to God's will

  • "God is the source of all blessings, both spiritual and material blessings. For you to continue to enjoy God's blessings, you must continually live according to His will and commands.

Remember, the moment you do anything in opposition to God's commands, you strain your fellowship with God, thereby blocking your channel of blessing."


Why some Ministers of God have lost their anointing and become powerless

  • "The majority of men of God have brought problems upon themselves because of their greed for the material things of life. Many have lost their anointing while some have been demoted spiritually, because of their lust for money and other worldly things of life.

Those who make it a habit to collect money from the people God used them to heal or deliver should know that this is a breach of Christ's command which says, "freely you are given and freely shall you give."

Spiritual gifts are not for self-glorification, but for the glorification of God."


The carnally-minded people

  • "The carnally-minded people are the preys of this world. They are susceptible to all evil attacks. For the agents of satan, to catch and destroy the carnally-minded people is as easy as catching a fly.

The carnally-minded are the living dead among human beings, and they account for about 80% of the human population. They are the fornicators, the adulterers, the drunkards, the boastful, the mischievous and self-seeking people."


Effective Faith

  • "Faith means the Word of God mixed with God's Spirit. When you speak the Word of God and it is mixed with the Spirit of God, whatever you decrees comes to pass."


True Born-again Christians

  • "Whoever is born of God overcomes the world. A true born-again Christian is a river of life. Joy, goodness, love and peace flow from the one who has the Holy Spirit of God living in him or her."


Why Christians still have problems after accepting Christ

  • "Some Christians still face serious problems after accepting Jesus Christ into their lives because they live like occasional Christians. They live for Christ today and tomorrow live for satan.
    For any Christian to overcome always he or she rnust be a Christian always. A true Christian is not to do the will of God occasionally, but at all the time."


Making friends with the worldly people

  • "Some people make many friends who will help them in times of trouble because they do not have Jesus to depend upon. If Jesus Christ is your friend, trouble will run from you."


Why he has no bank account

  • "I don't save money in the bank because I am not thinking of failure. I believe the Grace of God in my life will continue to increase.

The moment I start taking money to banks, then I'm thinking of failure. If you have faith in God to provide for your needs always, you don't bother to save money in the bank. Personally, I strongly believe that God will always provide for all my needs till the end of the mission He sent me to accomplish. So there is no need for me to start saving for the rainy day.

Why should I keep money in the bank while millions around me are suffering - can't feed themselves and their families? There are millions of people around me who need financial help even to keep their bodies and souls together. I will definitely offend God if I don't help these people but choose to save my excess in the bank."


His unique divine personality

  • "The divine person in me can do a million things simultaneously. I can appear to thousands people in their dreams in any part of the world to set them free of their sicknesses, problems and afflictions."



  • "Salvation is by God's grace. It is not for sale. You cannot buy the Kingdom of God with money."


Destructive Journalism

  • "Frankly speaking, the majority of Nigerian journalists are not helping Nigeria. For it is unpatriotic to run down what can uplift one's fatherland. The whites don't do this kind of thing.

What is happening here in The Synagogue today is enough to make Nigeria greater than Mecca or Jerusalem. The signs and wonders that God is doing here can turn Nigeria into the greatest Holy Land or Tourist Centre in the world. Rather than our journalists to encourage these good things they prefer to publish negative things about the church. However, I am not saying that all the journalists are bad, many of them are good, objective and highly patriotic."


Why he usually gives money to those God used him to heal free of charge

  • "Love without charity is no love at all. These people badly need help as most of them had spent all the money they had to procure cure for their respective ailments before God directed them here for their bearings. After being healed of their various afflictions some need to eat nutritional food, some need money to settle their outstanding house rents while some who had lost their jobs need to be rehabilitated. As a man of God I cannot close my eyes to their suffering. I have to do the little I can to help them out."


His Disciples/Aides' Antecedents and Future

  • "Some came because of one problem or the other while some came through God's call, but at the end of the day, it's not all of them that will be qualified. They will first serve as servants as Elisha served Elijah. Elisha went to Elijah to be his servant. From servant, if you are honest and obedient, it is left for God to choose you as a disciple. God will do the work of making you a disciple or a prophet, but my own is to train you as a servant of God."


Judging Others

  • "If you judge your fellow being now who will judge them on the day of judgment? Always remember that we see things not as they are but as we are."



  • "Forgiveness is a special gift of God, no one can receive it except by faith."



  • "There is no school for anointing, it is purely by God's grace.


Need to be careful about what one says

  • "Beware of what you say because what you say may influence others."


On Miracles and Thanksgiving

  • "The fact that God is using me to perform astounding miracles, signs and wonders does not mean that the other ministers of God are not anointed men of God or that their churches are not living churches. All fingers are not equal. If you have been lucky to receive your miracle here in The Synagogue Church, you are free to go back to your own church to give your thanksgiving to God, because the Body of Christ is one.
    All glory and praises belong to Jesus Christ who enables us to work miracles in His mighty name."

On Effective Prayer

  • "Obeying and acting on God's Word is a pre-condition for effective prayer.
    God is ever faithful, He is ready to answer your prayers if you abide with His commandments.
    Sin is a blockage to the answering of your prayers by God. If you want your prayer to be effective, stop sinning.99