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Photo Gallery 1

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Church_taxi.jpg (57826 bytes) The front view of the Synagogue. The streets are quite busy during the day. Well, they recon there is about 18 million people in Lagos.
Outside_multitudes_blurred.jpg (41498 bytes)

Outside_multitudes2.jpg (55297 bytes)
Early in the morning people gathers to enter the church. There are two services during the week: Sunday and Wednesday. These services start at 9 am, but people rushes in from 6 am as the gates are opened. The man of God (TB Joshua) will only arrive as directed by the Holy Spirit. This can be anything between 10 am to 6 pm - and then the service can last until 1 am the next morning. Special services for the new believers are held on Mondays.
Outside_multitudes1.jpg (52915 bytes) Most of these peoples slept the night in front of the gates. Here you can see them lining up for the "Emergency Unit".
6uur.jpg (35332 bytes) 6'o clock in the morning. This is how it looks at the Emergency Unit of the church as people queues up for the healing line.
Sick_line2.jpg (52098 bytes) Lining up for the "Emergency Unit". 
Sryf_name.jpg (63523 bytes) The man of God only prays for people who has a valid medical certificate (unless the disease is obvious). This is also the case for HIV+ and AIDS cases. The workers of the church ensure that the correct procedures are followed. Here they write down their names and sicknesses to be prayed for. 
Sick_line.jpg (49834 bytes) More people in the healing line. 
Multitude_in_church.jpg (54128 bytes) A sea of faces. The current building can host nearly 30,000 people. The men and woman sits separately. The church is also grouped in "bands" (or cells). 
inside_church.jpg (39804 bytes) Here you can have an idea of the scale of the church building on the inside.
Multitude_in_church2.jpg (57866 bytes) Television sets are placed strategic in order for all the people to know what is happening during the service. During the long hours before the man of God arrives, testimonies, healings and deliverances are played to the congregation.

The video ministry at the Synagogue plays an important role. Everything is recorded, edited and archived for future reference. The man of God frequently referrers to pasts prophecies - and then the video crew needs to show it on the television sets.

tv.jpg (62373 bytes) The cameramen are constantly running after the man of God as he ministers to provide coverage for the hole church. Whenever something happens. you will hear: "Look at the screen of your television set..."   
service.jpg (72258 bytes) We as the guests had the privilege to sit close to the altar on plastic chairs! During the whole week we were treated with special honor.

The Synagogue hosts guests from foreign countries on a weekly basis. Most of the guests are coming from South Africa, but all the more other countries are also visiting the church.