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If you are not a Jesus freak, what kind of freak are you?
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Photo Gallery 5

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PrayerMount.jpg (80025 bytes) The old church was located in the swamp area. Now it is the place where the man of God separate himself to pray - therefore it is called the prayer mount - since in the spirit it is indeed a mountain.

It consists of houses and other buildings that are build on wooden poles. It is very quite and peaceful and very close to nature. You will never know that you are in the middle of a big city!

PrayerMount2.jpg (58256 bytes) The swamps in the background - where the prayer mountain is.
Profeet_diere.jpg (52492 bytes) We are walking and chatting with the prophet amongst his animals. He loves animals. Man, dit het amper soos die plaas gevoel. 
leon_bid.jpg (58085 bytes) Leon praying in the sand pit (part of the prayer mount). This is a very special place. It is beautiful!