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 Just Another Jesus Freak
If you are not a Jesus freak, what kind of freak are you?
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Photo Gallery 4

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Healing_with_eyes.jpg (61056 bytes) The man of God ministers healing and deliverance in the spirit. Notice his eyes. Quite often the person does not have control over their spirit man - and they stumble around or fall down.
white_skin.jpg (48720 bytes) Ministering to a man with "skin poison". 
white_skin2.jpg (53894 bytes) TB Joshua encourages the visitors to stand close to him when he ministers healing.
madman.jpg (47651 bytes) Healing to a mad man (mentally) - he came to the church without any clothes on.
The Blood of Jesus
Blood_of_Jesus.jpg (49185 bytes) During the "Blood of Jesus" ceremony, the man of God blesses the water (12 taps) and drinks from it himself. We saw how people was healed as they drink from the water, and how the Ogbanjees (agents of Satan) was exposed when the water fell on them.
Blood_of_Jesus2.jpg (57033 bytes) People push and shove to get some of the "Blood of Jesus". The visitors had the privilege of having of the water first before the rest of the congregation.