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If you are not a Jesus freak, what kind of freak are you?
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Photo Gallery 2

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water.jpg (42503 bytes) The service can be quite long and people get thirsty. Here are some of the ladies providing cold drinking water for the congregation.
kos.jpg (60109 bytes) The Synagogue provides food daily for many people at a minimal fee. Here are some of the visitors in the kitchen.
kos2.jpg (63740 bytes) Nice potato pies and vetkoek. The food is very spicy.
ben.jpg (28819 bytes) The Nigerians like their food HOT! "Ben, what are you eating?" They eat pepper like we would each cabbage!
street.jpg (43609 bytes) A view down the road in the suburb of Ikotun-Egbe, Lagos.
travel.jpg (59276 bytes) Another view down the road. This was actually taken during our trip to the prayer mountain on the last day of the visit. 
PrentjieMooi.jpg (65921 bytes) Another picture taken on our way to the prayer mount. This is my best shot!

All over the place people are selling things along the road.